In 2002, while helping out a friend start a landscaping company, the founder fell in love with the idea of using door to door advertising as a way to create immediate impact and produce solid results. It started out as a friend needing customers for his new landscaping business and right away given that he didn’t start marketing his new company until one week before the landscaping season was starting. He needed new customers, so they set out and delivered a handful of door hangers, and received a bunch of calls. At the time and unbeknownst to these two friends, not one company was born, but two.

The founder went on to realize in the fall of 2003 that they could use this exact same method of advertising and offer it to other businesses in the Chicago-land area. August 2003, DMS was started.

By 2005 DMS took this exact same concept on a local level and realized it could be duplicated nationwide. Since then DMS has delivered door hangers in over 40 different states and more than 500 different cities and towns. We have worked with some of the largest advertisers in the country and some of the most recognizable fortune 500 companies.

Our unparalleled approach to efficient, reliable, and results driven service makes us an industry leader. In the years following we have improved our service by adding LIVE GPS tracking, demographic targeting, numerous checks and balances for delivery, design services, printing, and 5 different ways to target your delivery campaign. Because of our commitment to the success of our clients and the campaigns that we do, we have experienced growth every year since our inception.

Thank you to our existing clients and potential new clients. DMS will always be committed to providing you the best service in the industry with an emphasis on always improving.